music teacher

John began playing piano at the age of 5.  Growing up, he was the accompanist for the choir at his school.  He has performed numerous times in his academic and musical career as a pianist, guitarist, singer, country band leader, choir singer and fellowship leader.  He received his Bachelors of Music in Media Composition at the California State University of Northridge.  At CSUN, he received a scholarship for classical piano and the Ada Beth Lee Memorial award from the music department.   He was also a member of the prestigious Northridge Singers which was named “Choir of World” during his time with the group.  John is an accomplished film composer and songwriter. He is currently a member of the Music Teachers Association of California and holds concerts for his students biannually.  John is passionate about music and believes his purpose in life is to share music with others.

John teaches piano.  To schedule a lesson, click here.